Ancestral Villages and Homesteads

Ancestral Villages and Homesteads

Film of St. Mary's Church and Cemetery in Richardton, North Dakota taken in the Summer of 2004 by Brian and Sally Berger.

Berger-family-crest-German(1) Berger-family-crest-German(1)

The above film is of Roger Berger driving into Goersdorf and Jockgrim,

Summer 2014. Roger also plays the Organ in St Dionysius Church in Jockgrim.

Kasimir Berger Homestead, North of Manning,

Dunn County, North Dakota 2002

Film of the Hinterstädtel and the interior of St. Dionysius Roman Catholic Church, Jockgrim, Rhineland-Palatinate.

Drive through Richardton and the long drive out to

George Berger's Homestead North of Taylor, North Dakota.

The second film is a tour around the streets of Goersdorf

by Brian Berger in August 2001

Film of George Berger's Homestead North of Taylor,

North Dakota 2004

Freckenfeld, Minfeld and the Schweinheimer Kirchel. August 2001.

Filmed by Marilyn and Brian Berger.

Film of Jockgrim and Jockgrim Cemetery taken in August 2001.

Also included is the former family home and St. Dionysius Church.

City of Speyer in the Rhineland-Palatinate during the August Food Festival 2001.

Meeting my French Genealogy Researcher Marie-Odile in Strasbourg, Alsace, France with Franz Pfadt and my sister Marilyn. August 2001.

The Town of Kandel in the Rhineland-Palatinate and the Hotel zur Pfalz

where my sister Marilyn and I stayed during our visit. August 2001

On this page you will find films of the towns and villages from where our Ancestors came, you will also find

the homesteads that they worked to give all of us a better life and the Churches that they worshipped in.


Have a look at the town of Goersdorf and explore the village and inside St. Martins Catholic Church.

Our Ancestors arrived in Goersdorf in 1736 and lived there until 1765.


Take a look at Minfeld and Freckenfeld in the Rhineland-Palatinate where they resided after leaving Goersdorf,

look for the famous Black Dresses that the womenfolk of the village of Freckenfeld traditionally wore.


In the films of Jockgrim, take a look around St. Dionysius Catholic Church where our forbearers once worshipped.

Listen to Roger Berger playing the Church organ and enjoy the whole ambience of the building.

When the congregation got too large for the Church, a new, bigger Church was built in Jockgrim.

Even though congregations have dwindled, St Dionysius Church is now only

used for Weddings and Baptisms and that is by special arrangement.


Enjoy the wide open spaces where our ancestors worked the land and admire the sheer beauty of it all.

George Berger farmed 960 acres twelve miles North of Taylor, North Dakota.

Take a look and marvel at the wonderful view across the plains that they gazed at each day.


Explore the films of St. Mary's Church and Cemetery in Richardton, North Dakota

and see if any of your ancestors graves are shown.


These films and many others can be found on YouTube if you search for Berger Ancestry.

Kasimir Berger Homestead and the Rogne Homestead.

North of Manning, Dunn County, North Dakota 2004

Various Berger Graves in Saskatchewan.

Jockgrim, the Pearl in the Rhineland-Palatinate.

A film by Rä Borter